The East Side Mining District in winter

As you finalize your plans to travel through the rugged backcountry that surrounds Leadville, it is important to leave a detailed itinerary with a responsible person at home. This person should be understand that it is their role to immediately report any known emergent circumstances, serious injuries or medical episodes, or an extended failure to communicate after the planned timeline of your trip. Your responsible party can report to Lake County Search and Rescue directly by calling the Lake County Dispatch Center at (719) 486-1249.

Should you need to report a backcountry incident to Lake County Search and Rescue, please call 9-1-1 immediately. When your cell phone is connected to a tower in the cellular network, a 9-1-1 call will automatically be directed to that cell tower’s local 9-1-1 center. It is common to be connected to a neighboring county when calling from the backcountry; the operators will assist you in communicating with the Lake County Dispatch Center and LCSAR.

The 9-1-1 operator will ask for detailed information about the lost or missing party to assist the search team. This information includes:

  • Number of persons involved
  • Name, age, and gender of each person
  • Phone numbers for each person
  • Physical descriptions, including clothing and equipment
  • Nature of the emergency
  • Details and timeline from the itinerary
  • Last known location of the lost party
  • Location of the lost party’s vehicle
  • Vehicle description and license plate number
  • Any needs, including medicines or other urgent items
  • Lost party’s level of outdoor experience
  • Reporting person, if not the lost party: your name, relationship to lost party, phone number, location, and favorite color